Fake Tails 1 Pound

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Have a gorgeous, thicker tail at shows!

1 pound. 34"-36". Knob top. Blunt cut. Real horse hair. Comes with a slip-cover. Can be trimmed to your horse's tail length.

Can be cut shorter for ponies. Ideally it should sit near the bottom of the dock, so it doesn't interfere with the braid.

Can be used with the tail unbraided, or braided.

⭐️The majority of my braiding clients, use this tail⭐️

Please message me, if you would like to know how to attach them.

Jet black- every hair is solid black. Mostly matches paints.

Natural black- lighter than jet black. Contains red, and white hairs throughout. The bottom of the tail is frequently reddish in colour. Most popular for bays, and blacks.

Light sorrel- very light in colour.

Medium sorrel- mostly red, with some white, and black hairs, naturally mixed in. Most popular amongst chestnuts.

Dark sorrel- very deep red. Appears dark brown, but turns a real dark red in the sunlight.

Dark Grey- mostly black hairs mixed with some silver white hairs.



T. Currell  July 2017

’The tail is perfect 💜 Thank you!!!’


E. Catriona Strutt  Sept 2017

’Love my new tail. Katie’s Horse Care Supply was great to deal with. Local, and matched perfect :) For anyone looking to get a great looking tail, I highly recommend! :)’


H. Douglas April 2018

’Had my first show today, and the tail I ordered, looked absolutely wonderful!’