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-Black *3 LEFT

-Navy *3 LEFT

-Morning Glory Navy *1 LEFT

-Leopard * 2 LEFT


-Morning Glory Black *3 LEFT

-Paradise Island *1 LEFT

-Beach Vibes *1 LEFT


 -Blue Arctic *1 LEFT

-Mixed Solids * 1 LEFT $1.50

-Blue Floral *SOLD OUT

-Pink Peony *1 LEFT

-Palm Paradise *2 LEFT

-Tiki Beach *1 LEFT

-Blue *1 LEFT

-Shades of Blue *1 LEFT. Each half is a different shade of blue $2.00

I have a ton of excess fabric, so decided to make tail wraps (instead of throwing the fabric in the garbage/landfill) ♻️

⭐️A Tail Wrap is used to protect your horse’s tail braid. If they don’t have on a wrap, and lean against the wall, or rub on it, it may ruin it. Please note: a tail wrap will not protect the braid from hard, excessive rubbing.
Also used to hold a pulled up fake. Fakes needs to be pulled up while in their stall, or trailer, so they don’t step on them, and rip them out, or rip hairs out of the fake⭐️

These are not perfectly cut straight. Cosmetically not perfect, but 100% functional! Think of these as Seconds.
4 sections sewn together.
I always have a bunch on hand, so I’ve been using these wraps for a couple years now, and they are my favourite type of wrap to use (when my clients have forgotten to leave one out for me).
It can be frustrating for braiders when wraps are forgotten to be left out, and we have nothing to protect our beautiful braid we just did for you ☹️
Stock up, and store them all in your fake tail bag, or slinky bag. Never leave your braider without a wrap again!

They are my ABSOLUTE favourite wraps to use. Here’s why-

-Long for more coverage (sometimes tensor bandages aren’t long enough, and 2 tensor bandages are needed. I also find that some polo wraps aren’t long enough).
-Super stretchy for a tight fit to help prevent slipping down
-Smaller than other wraps, so they don’t take up much space
-Thin, so can easily get it up high under the top of the dock
-Long stretchy ties to help keep it in place

💕HAVE YOUR WRAP READY FOR YOUR BRAIDER- place ties in a pile, and start rolling (see photo).