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A tail bag keeps their tail clean.

Most of these match the slinkies.

Tail should be braided below the dock, and secured tightly with a good-quality human hair tie. 
fold the tail braid in half, and place inside the bag.
The ties on the tail bag go through the braid at the top. Make sure it is tied securely, and won’t fall off. 
*If the tail bag falls off, please take the tail braid out immediately, or make sure to put the bag back on right away. You never want to have their tail braided, without a bag on, in case it gets caught on something.*


SHIPPING: Can ship Lettermail for $2.99. Lettermail is like sending a birthday card, it doesn’t come with tracking. I’ll send you a photo of it at Canada Post, once it’s been dropped off. 
Ships out same day, or next business day.

Can pick up in Oshawa, beside The Keg/mall. Stevenson, and Gibb. Will email the address after order has been placed.