Sleek n' Slinky Mane Stay Hood *Medium Pony Size

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A slinky keeps them clean overnight for show day, and shavings out of their braids. For indoor use.

$37.99 each (Except Pink + Yellow on sale $34.99)

Not your typical 'pull-on' slinky. The large velcro opening at the nose, allows it to go on all the way over the head, then pull down onto the face. Much easier to put on, than the other brands with the nose closed up.

*Pink is not as bright as the photo shows 

-Make nose band, and belly band snug, so it doesn’t ride up.  
-Make sure there’s nothing in the stall that it can get caught on. Tape up hooks on water bucket handle. 

Made in Canada.


-extra large eye holes

-yoke (strap between front legs)

-heavy duty belly band clip (no velcro)