Large Pony/Small Horse Size *Sleek n’ Slinky Mane Stay Hood

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Over 840 Slinkies sold across Canada, and the USA. Made in Canada.

A slinky will keep them clean overnight for show day, and shavings out of their braids. For indoor use.

Not your typical pull-on slinky. The large velcro opening at the nose, allows it to go on all the way over the head, then pull down onto the face. 
Some have zippers to make it very easy to put on.


-Make nose band, and belly band snug, so it doesn’t ride up. If nose band is too loose, can roll it up *See photo*.
-Make sure there’s nothing in the stall that it can get caught on. Tape up hooks on water bucket handle. 


-extra large eye holes -Other brands that have smaller eye holes, and don’t have an adjustable nose band, I’ve seen them shift, and can end up covering up their eyes overnight until someone arrives in the morning. Please make sure the nose band, and back belly band are snug, to avoid shifting.

-extra long backs -Other brands that have a shorter back, I’ve seen them slip over the withers, and onto the neck, when the horse bends down to eat. This also causes a lot of rubbing on the braids. Longer backs are better.

-adjustable nose band

-heavy duty belly band clip (no velcro)

-yoke (strap between front legs)


SIZING: Fits Large Pony/Small Horse. Please see photo for measurements. Large Pony paint, and palomino in photos, are 14.2hh, and wear a 72” blanket. Measurements for paint pony are: Around nose 20.5”. Around head between eyes, and ears 36”. Around throat 29”. From Poll/between ears to end of withers 40”. From point where head meets throat to chest (where it indents on chest, slightly below where neck meets chest) 21”. Measurements for a 15.1 paint horse, that wears a 74” blanket: Around nose 23”. Around head between eyes, and ears 39”. Around throat 34”. From poll to end of withers 42”. From head to chest 21”. 
Measurements for an almost 15.3 thoroughbred, that wears a 76” blanket : Around nose 23”. Around head 38”. Around throat 29.5”. From poll to end of withers 42”. From head to chest 23” (was slightly short reaching the chest. Did fit if I pulled it as far back as ear holes allow). Measurements for a 13.1 Medium paint pony, that wears a 66” blanket: Around nose 18”. Around head 34”. Around throat 31”. From poll to end of withers 36”. From head to chest 18”. Fit everywhere except it sagged under the throat, as it was too long under the neck for him. 


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