Natural Loop Fake Tails

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Have a gorgeous, thicker tail at shows!

Real horse hair. Tapered ends. Comes with a tail bag cover. Can be trimmed. The sleek top attachment can be hidden easily (hence the difference in price from the knob top fake tails).

Can be used with the tail unbraided, or braided.

To determine the minimum length you need, measure from bottom of dock, to bottom of fetlocks, in inches.

Care Instructions: wash with same shampoo you use to wash your horse’s real tail. Hang to dry. Spray with Show Sheen. Brush EXTREMELY gently. Having a few hairs come out is normal. Keep in tail bag, and hang it somewhere while not in use. I do not recommend storing it in a tack trunk laying down. If the tail is not kept straight, it may have a curl, then will have a curl when it’s hung. If it does have a curl from not being kept straight, put water on the curl, and brush. This should remove the curl.

⭐️Video on how to attach them, is posted on my Facebook Page, Katie’s Horse Care Supply (dated April 23, 2019).


Jet black- solid black.

Natural black- lighter than jet black. Contains red, and white hairs, throughout. The bottom is frequently reddish in colour. Most popular amongst bays, and blacks.

Medium sorrel- mostly red, with some white, and black hairs, naturally mixed in.

🚨 1/2 pound medium sorrel is on sale for $139.99❗️