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Add some good luck by adding a loop charm to your fake tail. A charm also helps identify your tail, so it doesn’t get mixed up with others at your barn.
Can also be used for a mane braid- put yarn through the ring, and tie the yarn around the braid. 
Each fake tail purchased, also comes with a free loop charm.
If you buy 2 charms, and would like them on the same ring, please specify this at checkout.

*Please note: these rings are smaller than bridle charms, so would not work on a bridle. 

*Please note: Letters, and Hearts, are gold metal, with a silver ring.

For Natural Loop Tails- place the ring over the whole loop, and push down. Can also tie the charm to the loop with yarn.

For Knob Top Tails- Might need to use pliers, to hold the ring open, to get it on the loop. If having difficulty, can tie the charm to the loop with yarn. If you need yarn, please specify this at checkout. Please also specify which colour yarn you need.

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SHIPPING: Ships Lettermail for $2.99. Lettermail is like sending a birthday card, it doesn’t come with tracking. I’ll send you a photo of it at Canada Post, once it’s been dropped off. 

PICK UP: Can pick up in Oshawa, Ontario, Canada. Beside The Keg/mall. Stevenson, and Gibb. Will email the address after the order has been placed. 

FREE DELIVERY TO YOUR STALL AT THE SHOWS I’M BRAIDING AT IN 2024: Caledon Silver, Silver North 1060, Silver East Endless Journey, Jokers Hill Trillium, PHC OESD Shows, Silver Playoffs, Wildcard.